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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -

Academic Publications 

2015: Business and the Global Environment Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, IA


2010: ‘CARICOM-USA Trade Relations in an Era of “Open Regionalism”’ in Hall, K.O. and Chuck-A-Sang, M.      (eds) CARICOM: Policy Options for International Engagement, Ian Randle Publishers, Jamaica, W.I., pp. 381-398

2003: ‘Transition in Central Europe: Critical Realism and Qualitative Insights’ in Downward, P. (editor), Applied Economics and the Critical Realist Critique, Routledge, UK, pp. 279-292.

2002a: Banking and Financial Stability in Central Europe: Integrating Transition Economies into the European Union.  (co-edited w/ David Green)  Edward Elgar, UK,

2002b: ‘Hungarian Banking in Transition’ in Green and Petrick, pp. 125-149.

2002c: ‘The New Pragmatism and a New Paradigm: The Transformed Role of the State’ (co-written with David Green) in Green and Petrick, pp.203-214

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