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MECACC-Western New England Gulf Region Trade Project

The Trade Project: This project began in Fall 2014.  Since that time, I have developed and led teams of undergraduate students collecting and analyzing data regarding U.S. exports (at both the state and Federal level) to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries: Bahrian, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Our Partner Organization: The Middle Eastern Council of American Chambers of Commerce (MECACC).  MECACC represents American Chambers of Commerce in the Gulf Region of the Middle East, and as such MECACC is the representative of more than 950 American businesses active in the countries listed above, where it fosters U.S. business activities and has established itself as the voice of American business in the Gulf Region. 


Student course credit: While the project creates valuable experience on its own, there is a also a variety of ways that this activity can be credited to the students: as one of their one-credit Learning Beyond the Classroom requirements, as a two or three credit Economics internship, and/or as the basis for an Independent Study research project in Economics.

How the data is used:  Every year, MECACC holds a 'doorknock' event in Washington D.C. where the issues that concern its members are discussed with U.S. government officials.  In a series of meetings this state level data is presented to members of Congress so that they can see that exports to the GCC matter to their own state's economy, as well as to other officials. 


In 2017, 2018, and 2019, I spoke about the research project and the current data at  a policy briefing regarding the Future of U.S.-GCC Trade and Investment that was co-sponsored by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations and MECACC. 


Below is the current state and country level trade data used for the (delayed due to COVID-19) 2020 doorknock, courtesy of this year's team: Sarah Whitehouse (researcher). 

Also below are four additional pieces of analysis: a list of states which had the GCC as a top 15 export destination in 2020, a list of states which had individual GCC member states as a top 20 export market in 2020, my forecast for U.S. trade to the region, and data regarding how U.S. exports are related to good paying U.S. jobs.

Also included below is the most recent briefing paper by MECACC regarding U.S. trade competitiveness and GCC's unique position as a strategic partner for U.S. trade, security, and diplomacy.

Click on any button to open the relevant state/country report or additional data as a .pdf file.

All export data is collected from the U.S. Census Bureau's 'Origin of Movement' series, which seeks to measure state exports on the basis of where the final good begins its journey- i.e. as much as possible, we are capturing where the goods are produced, not where they are shipped from.  This also means that only final goods, not intermediate goods, are recorded in the data.  

State One-Page Reports, 2020

Country Reports, 2020

Additional Data, 2020

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